This was a collaborative project between Kane Wills, Jason Fastier and myself. Together we conceptualised the user interface and the experience of a Creative Writers Mixed Reality Drafting Aid. We put considerable amounts of research into what a mixed reality tools interface could look and feel like in the future, taking special care to the creative writers needs and prioritites. My roles consisted of: Concept Designer, Experience Design Consultant and Creator of the Final Product Video.
 To see the entire design process click this link.

The Final Product Video

Main menu - Swipe down with the Createscape pen to activate the menu. All menu options are available at the mere pivot of the user's hand.
Contacts/collaborate menu - sub-menu from the main menu. Createscape allows the user to collaborate via video call, voice call, or through a commenting system.
Predictive/suggestive text - follows the user's writing pre-empting their words and suggesting potential words to use. Very similar to predictive text on a smartphone, this feature is available to make the writing process more efficient.
Script preview - allows the user to preview their written text as it would be seen in the synced document (digitised and shown as a typeface). This allows them to see the progress they have made in the context of the formatting they have chosen in the setup process.
Inspiration panels - if the user needs inspiration about what they are writing, they can underline a word they want to look up and the Createscape search engine will complete a custom search based on the word. The user can choose whether they want to see images, videos, articles and pages, or Dictionary/thesaurus related content.
Video call collaboration - user is able to video call to collaborate with people who are part of their project. We decided against placing this in a HUD as we wanted the user to be able to look away from the call and at their writing incase the visuals were in some way distracting at a certain moment. The user is able to shift where the caller video comes up in their interactive space.
Tasks tile - Despite not featuring in the video, we thought it smart to add in a tasks feature for the goal-oriented writer.
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